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Glass Button Issues


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1) The bottom margin of the OK and Cancel buttons in effect dialogs is much larger than in other dialogs (like 'Resize'). Looks like that there is a missing correction in setting of the button location if glass buttons are enabled.


2) After "Resuming Windows" an open dialog shows no longer the extended glass area. The background of the button area is black and the buttons are still aligned to the right border w/o a margin. Closing and reopening fixes the issue. Maybe a driver issue: Windows7, 64bit, Hp Touchsmart 2. But you should check.


I have to add that 2) also happens with the extended glass frame on the top of the main window.

Is anybody else able to reproduce this?

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For sure


1) post-79572-0-92739100-1360957988_thumb.j


In the meantime I guess that the larger bottom margin only happens if the effect dialog is sizable.

And there are not a lot effects allowing this.


2) post-79572-0-30457500-1360958006_thumb.j


Here you can see that firefox restores its glass area fine after resuming Windows. Just Paint.NET fails to do it.

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This sounds similar to an issue I had before when I was customizing my themes. Did you by any chance change / modify your windows menu color settings in Display Properties? If yes, by setting it back to the color it was or to the default setting, it fixes the problem. Hopefully it helps!

(click to enlarge)



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