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Modify to solid color

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Is there any way to edit colors in Paint.net so that I would have only solid colors in the image? I would like to get rid of sort of "semi colors/pixels" (see border between red and green color). I would like to have all the borders between colors like the border between blue and grey color where there is only solid colors present.










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You are referring to the anti-aliasing.  This process uses pixels between shades to soften the borders between colors.


The easy way to remove these is to not have them in the first place! :)  There is a setting in the Tool Bar for many of the tools - this turns the anti-aliasing on  :AntiAliasingEnabled: and off :AntiAliasingDisabled:


In order to remove the pixels from your image I would suggest using the Recolor tool :RecoloringTool:



1. Set the Primary color to the color that you want to leave in place of the extra pixels.  I use the ColorPicker Tool :ColorPickerTool: and click on the color I want in the image.


2. Set the Secondary color to the color that will be replaced  in the image (i.e. use the color Picker + right mouse button to select the shade you want to remove).


3. Adjust the brush width (make it fairly large to cover the existing image in a few strokes) and tolerance as required.  This may take some trial and error.


4. "paint" over the existing image in broad strokes with the Recolor Tool.

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Thanks for the tip!


Yes, the best solution is probably not to have anti-aliasing at all in the image. Now I managed to have (export from 3D software) the original image without anti-aliasing. Anyway, I need to Resize of the image and when changing the Pixel size the picture gets anti-aliasing. Is there any way to avoid this?

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Changes that occur when resizing are to do with the resampling algorithm which intelligently fabricates (or interpolates) information for new pixels when you enlarge and "averages" neighboring pixels when you downsize.

Different resampling methods have different results, so try the different options (Best Quality, Bicubic, Bilinear and Nearest Neighbor) in the resize dialog (look in the Resampling dropdown list).

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