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Removing dust/hair from photos?

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New to the forum but im sure you will be able to help.

Basically, im doing some very basic work with some photo's I recently took.

About half of the pics are showing a very unsightly hair in the sky/cloud sections of the photos. (Very annoying when otherwise im pleased with the pics)


Im new to Paintshop and have used "clone" so far on one or two of the pics, with some degree of success.

However, as the sky isnt completely the same colour across "East to West" on each picture, im making rather a mess of a lot of the pics.


Are there easier ways of doing the above ??


Thanks all

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Before I say anything about how to do it, let me make it clear that this is a forum for paint.net and not Paintshop.


http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/19117-the-subterranean-copypaste-blues/'>this tutorial might be of help to you. At first, it might look really complicated, but after you try it a few times, you realize it's really quite simple and a lot easier than trial and error with the clone tool.

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BoltBait recently released this plugin Remove Dust which could be useful if the built-in Reduce Noise or Median effect doesn't do the job (Effects > Noise > Reduce Noise or Effects > Noise > Median).


Next I'd try the one of the two Dilate plugins: Basic Morphologic Operations or especially Erode/Dilate.  See the sixth post in the Erode/Dilate thread for a comparison of it and Median.

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