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Chalkboard (needs work... ok, hopeless)


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*tinker* *tinker* *tinker*


*give up*


// Author: BoltBait
// Submenu: Artistic
// Name: Chalkboard
// URL: http://www.BoltBait.com/pdn
// Title: BoltBait's Chalkboard v1.0
#region UICode
int Amount1 = 10; // [0,100] Radius
int Amount2 = -10; // [-100,100] Brightness
int Amount3 = 10; // [-100,100] Contrast
double Amount4 = 0.9; // [0,1] Strength
bool Amount5 = false; // [0,1] Invert Mask

// Setup for using pixel op
private UnaryPixelOps.Desaturate desaturateOp = new UnaryPixelOps.Desaturate();
private UnaryPixelOps.Invert invertOp = new UnaryPixelOps.Invert();

// Setup for using Darken blend op
private UserBlendOps.MultiplyBlendOp multiplyOp = new UserBlendOps.MultiplyBlendOp();

// Here is the main render loop function
unsafe void Render(Surface dst, Surface src, Rectangle rect)
    // Setup for calling the Gaussian Blur effect
    GaussianBlurEffect blurEffect = new GaussianBlurEffect();
    PropertyCollection blurProps = blurEffect.CreatePropertyCollection();
    PropertyBasedEffectConfigToken BlurParameters = new PropertyBasedEffectConfigToken(blurProps);
    BlurParameters.SetPropertyValue(GaussianBlurEffect.PropertyNames.Radius, Amount1);
    blurEffect.SetRenderInfo(BlurParameters, new RenderArgs(dst), new RenderArgs(src));
    // Call the Gaussian Blur function
    blurEffect.Render(new Rectangle[1] {rect},0,1);

    // Setup for calling the Brightness and Contrast function
    BrightnessAndContrastAdjustment bacAdjustment = new BrightnessAndContrastAdjustment();
    PropertyCollection cProps = bacAdjustment.CreatePropertyCollection();
    PropertyBasedEffectConfigToken cParameters = new PropertyBasedEffectConfigToken(cProps);
    cParameters.SetPropertyValue(BrightnessAndContrastAdjustment.PropertyNames.Brightness, Amount2);
    cParameters.SetPropertyValue(BrightnessAndContrastAdjustment.PropertyNames.Contrast, Amount3);
    bacAdjustment.SetRenderInfo(cParameters, new RenderArgs(dst), new RenderArgs(dst));
    // Call the Brightness and Contrast function
    bacAdjustment.Render(new Rectangle[1] {rect},0,1); 
    // Now in the main render loop, the dst canvas has a blurred version of the src canvas
    for (int y = rect.Top; y < rect.Bottom; y++)
        ColorBgra* srcPtr = src.GetPointAddressUnchecked(rect.Left, y);
        ColorBgra* dstPtr = dst.GetPointAddressUnchecked(rect.Left, y);
        for (int x = rect.Left; x < rect.Right; x++)
            ColorBgra CurrentPixel = *srcPtr;
            ColorBgra DestPixel = *dstPtr;

            // Desaturate pixels
            CurrentPixel = desaturateOp.Apply(CurrentPixel);
            DestPixel = desaturateOp.Apply(DestPixel);

            // Calculate difference in src and blurred dest pixel
            DestPixel.R = (byte)Math.Abs(CurrentPixel.R - DestPixel.R);
            DestPixel.G = (byte)Math.Abs(CurrentPixel.G - DestPixel.G);
            DestPixel.B = (byte)Math.Abs(CurrentPixel.B - DestPixel.B);

            // Invert mask
            if (Amount5) DestPixel = invertOp.Apply(DestPixel);
            // Apply strength
            DestPixel.A = (byte)((double)DestPixel.A * Amount4);
            // Shade final pixel
            CurrentPixel = multiplyOp.Apply(*srcPtr, DestPixel);
            *dstPtr = CurrentPixel;
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Trying to replicate an image drawn in chalk?  Like these?



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