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Shiney edge for different shapes


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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it

Have you ever wanted to add a glint/shine on the edge of an object like this shiny button?. This may help.




Start with a black bottom later. Add a layer and make a white line set around 20 pixels wide.
Make sure it's centered. This is 800 wide and the line starts at 200 and ends at 600.



Go to Effects/Distortions, Polar transformation. The default will look like this at 100.
Set it at various levels to get the shape you want. This all depends on how close the marker is when you start the process.
It affects the end result. Start with the bottom Y adjuster at different distances below the line. Notice the changes.



This is at 200.




Now set the top adjustment X to various levels. This is at -50.




When you have a shape you like you can trimp some of the ends.

Blur or not to blur, that is the question. You can always reduce opacity in the layer properties tab.
This example is set to 140 opacity.




Save the top layer as a png for future needs. Make sure to explore and invent new shapes.
You don't need to only use white. Not all edge reflections are white.

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