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Icon Shape Templates

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Hello:  New and just started using Paint.NET about a month ago.  I am loving every minute of the features in Paint.NET.  Big thanks to everyone who has contributed...


I am seeking to use a picture of a PC folder as a template shape for icons.  I would like to drop the picture on top of the template and have everything of the picture that isn't over the folder disappear.  Put another way, if I add a 100x100 pic over the picture of the folder, which is 100x100 and consists only of the folder on a 100% transparent background, how can I end up with a 100x100 icon that is the shape of the folder and contains the portion of the added image that was over the folder?


Is this possible or is there a plug-in for Paint.NET that makes this possible?

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Hi Altbo & welcome.


Easiest way is to use two layers, one for each of the images.


1. On the folder layer, use the Magic Wand tool :MagicWandTool: to select the area that surrounds the folder image (i.e. the transparent bit).  


2. Change to the layer with the new image by clicking on this layer in the Layers Window.


3. Press the Delete key.


NB  Remember to also save the working file as a *.PDN so you can reedit the image if required. To preserve your transparency, save the final file as a PNG.

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I recommend taking a look at the 'Plugin' page of the forum. 


What for?

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What plugin?  You're making no sense.

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