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Galeria de Daniels - 18 July, 2013 - A Fruity Submission


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You must be reading my mind Daniels with the wip,lol,I have been thinking about making one of those. You have a nice start to it,try that tute of yellowman's for the balls,you might have to do two perspectives of the balls and reflections though. One for the stationary balls and one for the swinging one. Can't wait to see it finished.    :)



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I really like your wip, some nice things going on in that image, like you I also get a little lost  and need pointers on things, I'm having difficulty completing an alien right now.

A star trek theme to it would be good though (as pointed out)  Perhaps have my alien sitting behind the desk. :)

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I'm embarrassed to say this is the first time I've gotten around to looking at your gallery.  Some pretty strong works here.  


I particularly like the "Industrial Strength" pic.  Very nice diamond plating on that one.  


I look forward to seeing the finished result on the Newton's Cradle.


Oh, and BTW: the creepy gas mask dude from Doctor Who?  Nice!

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Thanks, Redbeard. And thanks for stopping by. Giving credit where credit is due, the diamond plate is a stock.


I suppose I would have known that had I read through the comments.  At any rate, the blending is well done and the overall composition leaves nothing to be desired.  

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I'm not a Star Trek fanatic, but I did enjoy watching their older shows. When we first moved to the U.S., that's what we would watch. It was amazing, so it's a great, nostalgic image. I love what you did with it.


It feels like I'm inside the starship. The chair would be a great place to sit and take incoming information through the hologram. Gosh, I can't explain to you how much I love holographics. I only wish they would be used more. 

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Good to see you have finished your WIP. The Newtons Cradle fits in there perfectly with the more futuristic pieces. Cool job on the chair. The whole image comes together very nicely.


You have to watch programmes like Star Trek just to keep your imagination alive (that's my excuse anyway). :smile:

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