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Galeria de Daniels - 18 July, 2013 - A Fruity Submission


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Your clipwarp stars are really eye catching. Industrial strength is wonderful, the only thing I can find wrong with the sotw entry is the plant is too big in perspective with the rest of the image and it  needed blending in at the base a little more.(it just looks pasted on)  Perhaps a little less blur on the barn would be better too. (just my opinion - not that I'm any better at doing things) 

I also like your twist on the puzzle tutorial, clever idea using black & white with it - great concept. plus you got further on with the stone tute than I did ;)

real nice art here :)

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Thank you much, Sasha. :bertie: The sig was kind of an attempt at forced perspective...the vantage point is supposed to be directly in front of the plant with everything else being far away. But I get what you're saying. Especially about the plant looking pasted on. I duplicated my dirt layer and moved it above, but it still doesn't look very good. smiley-confused013.gif

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I agree with @Sasha that the barn is a tad OTT in blur.  Also, I'd have tried lasso select on the base of the tree, + where green meets earth, and then whilst lasso is selected in those areas, use Blur - unfocus.  Otherwise it is a cute little farm scene :smile: .


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Indeed industrial strength does look like a Welshblue works, great details, the puzzle is something I have bookmarked for working on sometime, I like your idea on it. To agree with Sasha and Pixey, the plant looks odd in size and it needs planting, you could make a new layer, use the brown colour from the dirt, paintbrush around the base on your new layer, then run a little Gaussian blur on it.

All in all great stuff going on in this gallery B)

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