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Edited due to excessive mushiness... lol


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That is very sweet & I am happy for you.


In English we have love that covers many types of love. 


A mother's love knows no bounds. I never have to "prove" my love to anyone. I do get what you are saying, just the same. There is not enough space on here to explain how I show love or how love is shown to me. :D

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Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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Edited due to title... excessive mushiness...

I'm definitely always curious though as to how each person interprets life and love as it helps me to understand it a little bit more myself with each person's perspective on things.


I totally agree on the motherly love notion as in my case, I was rather rambunctious in school like decades ago however as much trouble as I got in, my mom always helped me out of it and just yelled so I wouldn't do it again but that didn't stop me most times, I just got better at not getting busted. lol

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