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Making a collage - two questions

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I want to create a collage of small pictures. I would like some of the pictures to be rotated, but not at 90 deg or 180 - at smaller angles off normal. I do not see how to rotate an image by a preselected angle, or rotate on the fly.


As a second question, for the pictures I want to make the background [usually a solid color, white] transparent so I can overlay one object with another.

How do I make just the background fully transparent, without affecting an object?

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Rotation:  Place image on it's own layer.  Press M to activate the :MoveTool: move tool.  Right click (& hold)  + move the mouse.


Adding the shift key constrains the rotation to 15 degree increments (you'll find the angle of rotation in the Staus Bar).



Transparency:  Activate the Magic Wand tool :MagicWandTool: and click on the background color (you may need to fine tune the Tolerance in the Tool Bar to get the entire background selected).  When it is selected, press Delete.

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