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Out of Memory Exemption with Plenty of Memory to Spare

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This happens every once in a while (rather infrequently, actually). I'm clearly getting an out of memory error, but in this case and cases like it I have around 45-60% of my total system memory available (12gb, 2x4 in one channel, 2x2 in another). Every time it occurs, I run a memtest and find no issues. For what it's worth, I have disabled the Windows Pagefile (running on limited space with two 64gb SSDs in a raid0 array). This issue occurred on Windows 7 and now Windows 8, both were clean installs (as in, Windows 8 did not upgrade Windows 7)


For this particular crash, Paint.NET was using a reported 914.6 MB of memory, with 46% of my total memory free.


Here's a link to the crashlog: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/2987/pdncrash.log


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Strangely enough Mike I had the same problem just now. PDN crashed saying there was insufficient memory while I was working on an image with only 6 layers. I have e-mailed the crash log to the e-mail in the log. If you need it here as well I will copy it here for you.

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Did the error come as a blue screen?  If so are you using one of the HP 6000 series? The reason I ask is that a year ago I had a memory problem with blue screens. After chasing the problem for many months I found out that they had a bad bunch of mother boards and didn't tell the public until the warranties were up. Luckily I bought the extended protection plan and they changed the mother board and processor after many calls to Indians and finally an American. 


( If this message has nothing to do with your problem please ignore and it will self destruct in 30 years. )  



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