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Glasses glare in a photo?

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Hi! Help!


I have a photo of two people and one has glasses glare pretty bad. Is there a specific way to fix this correctly? I am quite new to paint.net and not great with the program. If anyone has any tips, that would be super. I do not want to post the photo on the forum as it is a picture of a friend, but could PM it if you reply to this post.

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Hi celestialbound.  Welcome to the forum!


The short answer is no.  The glare is present in the photo and is therefore not only obscuring but also replacing the parts of the image you want to see.


There is no "system" used when dealing with this sort of image.  The steps used are related to the actual image and are usually "try-it-and-see" method.  The glare can probably be minimized - but you probably won't be happy with the results.


Your best be is to retake the photo.  Honestly.

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