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History of what I've done?

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Hello, I have made something pretty cool, but I can't remember exactly how. I saved my image as an .PDN file, but the history window doesn't tell, how I've done it, when I open the image.


Is there anyway to see how I've done it?


Thanks, Andreas


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I think You did something like:
1. use add noise on a black background (colour satuartion 0 and coverage at about 20)
2. new layer
3. Julia Fractal
4. twist
5. some colour adjustments (e.g.Curves)
6. Layer rotate/zoom (change position and rotation)
7. repeat 2-6 twice

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You're safe Sasha.  It does look like a spinning galaxy :)

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Just shows what a friendly helpful bunch we are Sasha, Welshy, DrewDale & J1O1 :D


Good idea with the notes in the properties. I sometimes take a screen shot & paste it into a hidden layer.


So the answer as BB gave is no, once you close an image, you cannot get the history back. So as DrewDale said, take notes...I really wish I did that sometimes :(


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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