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multiple crops for gif?

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hi - is there an easy way to crop a dozen pictures so the image is in the same place? I kept the camera as still as possible but there's inevitably a bit of jumping about.  I've tried calculating x and y distances from a fixed point but it doesn't ever seem to work. And can you control the cursor position from the keyboard? It's soooo difficult to get accurate pixel position using a mouse.



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Stack the images as layers in a single image.

Lower the opacity of each layer (press F4) until you can see each as a ghostly image.

Press M to select the Move tool then the keyboard arrow keys will move the active layer one pixel at a time.

Once the layers are lined up make a rectangular selection and press Ctrl+Shift+X to crop to that selection.

Restore 100% opacity of each layer & save each lyer to a separate file.

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