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Some suggestions for paint.net

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Hello, I've created an account on this forum for one thing only, these suggestion. If there is another subforum this is supposed to be in, please kindly move it there.


Could you guys put the "Expand canvas" and "Keep canvas size" option available when dragging and dropping an image, that option is only available when you cut and paste, and most of the time, I'd have to open up a new document, copy it, and paste it so I'll be able to keep the canvas frorm expanding (dragging and dropping is far more quicker for me). So I was thinking that you guys could split the "Add layer" button into the two choices, as shown in the third picture.






Secondly, why is the hardness option (the one from Adobe Photoshop) not available in paint.net? I find it very useful when cutting out things when manipulating an image.



Thirdly, I think I'd be cool if this thing is made available in paint.net (being able to "resize the corners of a selected image). But I'm guessing it's not in paint.net due to proprietary issues, or that it is an advance tool or something. I find it useful for putting logos on slanted billboards and boxes.



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Yeeah, both of those do the trick, while taking more steps then ps, they still work. and it's cool that one solution is "natively" available, thanks.. Does Ctrl + Corner Drag do anything though?

#3 is practically solved, now I'm looking forward to #1 and #2.


EDIT: I just read the popular feature requests thread, is there anyway for the Quadrilateral Reshape plugin to be implemented in a later release of PDN as a simple shortcut (ctrl + corner drag)? I find this very similar to the smudging plugin, and how you are gonna put it into PDN later.

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