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Logo Challenge #10

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Your mission if you choose to accept:

Airline Logo

(as chosen by nanetteallsop)


You are opening a new airline company, and you need to chose a name and design a logo for your  company. 



Nanette has chosen that stocks and brushes are allowed

Winners of any subsequent challenges have the right to choose the topic and stipulate whether it is a PDN only challenge.

Entries can be edited/replaced up to closing time.

If stock images are allowed, individuals should mindful of copyright laws

*As host of any competition - If copyright is breached; it's not my backside on the line ...

One entry per person (unless the challenge is bombing then that will be open to review 3 days before closing date...)

Closing Date for entries 9pm (GMT) January 30th


*** Entries only in this thread. ***



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I usually don't enter these things this early but that may be why I usually don't enter these things at all,lol. I see what others make first and I get scared off. This time I'll just jump in and see what happens.   :)


Well Let's see,I used clipwarp for the airbonz letters,space scene,sky and planet from my pictures,bird and plane from stocks. All done in PDN.

Ooops,I should have mentioned I used Shape 3D for the planet,my favorite plugin.



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My entry:


Aircraft clip art from a disc, clipwarp used on aircraft and larger font. Photo self taken of Denham Aerodrome. 


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