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image window not at 100% percent - Why

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 So the image in my window is not at a 100% and there is a whole lot of white space, it was fine till I added a new layer then it just downsized. Ive attached a photo of what it looks like.




I want my canvas size to be 36X24'' but the last bit is always just white space, which means my image is less than 36 inches long


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Hi Amanda and welcome to PDN.  You first have to use the Rectangle Select Tool :RectangleSelectTool: and cut the image out, so that the white is gone.

Surround the image with Rectangle Select go to - Image - Crop Selection.  All the white will then disappear.  After that you can change the size of the image to the desired size.  This can be done by going to Image - Resize.

Good Luck!



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HAZA! It worked thanks nanettealsop. And Ricky just so you know my image was set to Window zoom and my image was still only a quarter of the window


                                                                              :rainbow:  :smile:  :smile:  :smile:  :smile:  :smile:  :smile:  :smile:  :rainbow:

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From Paint.NET's standpoint, it was doing the right thing. The images that you pasted into the canvas only took up a portion of the space that you specified for the whole image.


Paint.NET works with pixels, not inches or centimeters. When it says "inches" that's just a mathematical conversion that's done before it prints it to the screen -- internally, nothing else operates with inches.


If your canvas is 36" x 24" and 300dpi, and you paste an image that you expect to be 36" x 24" but it's at 96dpi, it will "appear" much smaller than you might expect. But everything lines up if you convert to pixels (or don't tell it to convert pixels to inches, via the toolbar).


So if they took up less space than you expected, it's a pixel thing. It really helps to think in terms of pixels, not inches. One pixel can be whatever size you want, and can be set for an image via Image -> Resize.


Also, don't call me Ricky :)

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"y" isn't next to "r," ",i" ",c" or "k" on the standard keyboard. I suspect shenanigans! :P

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