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How can I replace someone's shirt in a photo?

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I'm using one photo, and I want to put a shirt on somebody in the photo. Here's what my idea is, I just don't know how to execute it. I already used paintbrush and zoomed in on the person and drew around the person's outline. What I want to do, is cut out that person from the picture, basically make two layers using the same photo, but not remove or move the person. Then, I was to import the picture of the shirt and basically put it on the person so it looks like they're wearing it, but put the picture of the shirt in between the two layers, so the background hides the excess shirt. I hope that's understandable. But how do I accomplish this? Btw, this is a great program, kudos and thanks to the developers!!

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Hi Austin and Welcome to PDN.  I'll try to assist you.



Upload your picture in a new layer.

Upload the shirt in a second layer and position to the right, to see it better




Then move the shirt down one (under the picture) and then change the picture to multiply.

Move the shirt over and position it in place and erase the overlapping shirt.



Flatten the layers and save;




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