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Plugin expand a corner of a photo or texture

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Hello friends

    Plugin that I can use to contract or expand a corner of a photo or texture ..?

  Thanks in advance for the help



Hola  amigos

   Que plugin puedo utilizar para contraer o expandir una esquina de una foto o textura..?

 Gracias anticipadas por la ayuda






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Hello Andres,


I think you want the 'Quadrilateral Reshape' plugin - which is in the Evan's effects pack here.



Hope that's what you meant!


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   Thanks for your help, sent to capture the image to the image corners

  ( Stretch up corner )

  Thanks for your comentarios.Saludos



  Gracias por su ayuda, envio captura imagen para abrir hasta las esquinas la imagen

  ( estirar o abrir hasta la esquina )

 Gracias por la sus comentarios.Saludos



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Instead of resizing the image to fit the canvas, I think it might be easier to do the opposite: Fit the canvas to the image. Here's my suggestion on how to do it (though others might have a simpler way of handling this):

Using the magic wand, select the white area surrounding the fan (you may have to adjust the tolerance to get it correctly). Once you have it so that only the white background is selected, press delete on your keyboard. Once the white has been removed (it should now be transparent - represented by the checkerboard), go in the menu under "Layers" and select "Rotate/Zoom" and adjust the image by rotating it to try to make it more square. Once you have this done, once again use the magic wand and select the transparent area. Press "Ctrl" + "I" to invert the selection. Then go in the menus under "Image" and select "Crop to Selection". This will completely remove the transparency portion of the image surrounding the fan leaving only the image of the fan. From here you can enlarge the image if you desire by going into the menu once again under "Image" and selecting "Resize" and you can then use the dimensions or percentage you desire to enlarge the final image.

EDIT: I missed a step and corrected it.

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Hello Jim 100361

    Thanks for telling me the option, I have made this option and it is not bad, but I wonder if there is any option for the plugin
  stretching to the corners, when we have a diagonal and textures or photos we adjust or fit them.

Sorry for the English translation

   Greetings and thanks for the suggestion

Hola  Jim

   Gracias por la opcion que me dice , he realizado ya esta opcion y no queda mal , pero quisiera saber si hay opcion de algun plugin para realizar el
 estiramiento hacia las esquinas, cuando tenemos unas texturas o fotos oblicuas y queremos ajustarlas o encuadrarlas.

 Disculpen la traduccion al Ingles

  Saludos y gracias por la sugerencia

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