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Applying color scheme of one icon to the other.

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I am sourcing icons from various places and trying to tweak to suit my needs. Tweaking involves removing or adding an element and applying a consistent color scheme. I am wanting all my icons to be a particular shade of blue.


The problem I'm facing is that some original icons are lighter than the other, so when I apply a color scheme although the color changes, they don't look to belong from the same family. How can I apply color scheme of one icon to the other? I know it can't be something simply magical, but any help is welcome.

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Try the Recoloring Tool :RecoloringTool:


1. To use the Recolor tool, set the Primary color to the new color.  In other words set your required shade of blue by entering the RGB or Hex codes in the extended Colors Window. 


2. Set the Secondary color to the color that will be replaced  in the image (i.e. use the color Picker + right mouse button to select the shade you want replaced).


3. Adjust the brush width (make it fairly large to cover the existing image in a few strokes) and tolerance as required.  This may take some trial and error.


4. "paint" over the existing image in broad strokes.

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