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Clipwarp - for glass & metal (new plugin 6th Jan 2013)

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I really want to play with Clipwarp some more. It's so much fun. I added a slight blur to the airplane which may be a bit too much, but any other ideas on how make the glass smoother will be awesome.


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skullbonz - glad you got there in the end - great new sig too!
Just to clarify - the plugin uses illnab1024's code to read the clipboard, that means:
- if there is an image on the clipboard it will use that.
- if the image on the clipboard is smaller than the layer, it will tile the image, if larger it will use it from the top left.
- you can even copy a layer from one image then run clipwarp on a layer in a different image.
- if there isn't a useable image on the clipboard it will use the layer you are on instead.
Generally it's probably best to select and copy just before running clipwarp to avoid confusion.

nanettealsop - that one works really well!

Helen - staggering! - really impressed - great idea and well executed.
Unfortunately adding some form of anti-aliasing or smoothing will be tricky but it is something I would like to add.
The best work-arounds that I have found are:
1. Duplicate the background, Blur it, copy it, uncheck the visibility in the layers pane. Run clipwarp on the object layer.
2. As you have done - apply a blur to the object layer after clipwarp. I tend to use 'overblur' for this as it can retain the objects' transparency values - (so the blur is only on the object). I have also had some success using  my old 'tweak transparency' plugin, as this allow you to set 'source' for the middle and 'blur' for the edge - which is where it is normally  least smooth.
3. It also helps if the tone gradient on the object is smooth (small blur) and the overall distortion is not too large.
However it looks like you've done a fine job on that aspect already.

Barbieq - great sigs!

blackpenny - love it! - great metallic effect on the hexgrid and interesting glassy distortions on the rectangular grid behind it.

nitenurse - skycat! - we'll make a surrealist of you yet - lovely image (I like cats). ;)

Thanks everyone for all the support and good feedback. It's very satisfying to see the great pictures you have all created using this! :)


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Thanks Red I noticed that while playing with it. Now I have a different problem though,it seems I must have spilled some glue on this picture,lol,lol.



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Very nice skullbonz!  I'm impressed.

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lol,Thanks.  I discovered something that maybe you all could use with this plugin. After making your glass layer run the median under noise on it. You can see how it rounds the edges and gives the inside a little blur when you play with the adjustments. That's what I used on the glue. I also just made another one of a star that i will add to my gallery where I used it,liking how that one came out. I hope this find helps some out.  ;)

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Great plugin... So much fun!!!


Is the following supposed to happen:

I used clipwarp and created a glass type letter. I then duplicated that layer, and went back to the original letter layer to make some adjustments/changes, with the aim of almost making the top layer transparent so the changes in the bottom layer could show through.

I placed a box on this lower layer (which is the original layer I applied clipwarp to), however the box appeared behind the letter and not over it (as per below):



How/why? I hope my question makes sense?


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Hello Ventor1 - glad you're having fun with the plugin! :)


I am a bit confused by the 'problem' you describe.

Once the plugin has been run it cannot have an effect on what you do afterwards - unless you run it again.

My guess is that you have put the black rectangle on the lowest layer and have 2 copies of the red H object on layers above this?

If I have misunderstood please report back.


Nice letter H by the way!

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I was trying to follow a PS tutorial with not much luck. I saved my progress and then using Microsoft's Snipping Tool saved a picture. I was then off to use Liquify but stopped instead at Clipwarp.


Cool...Looky what happened. :evillaugh:


Took a minute to understand what happened. So, of course, I made more.



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