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How to put pictures on top of another?

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I am trying to make a collage style column that has 5 different pictures on top of each other and kind of flattened.


My idea was to have each picture be about 4 inches width and 1.5 inches in height, and then stack them right after another making the one picture.


How would I accomplish this?


Everytime I try adding them as a layer it makes the previous layer smaller, and I don't know how to move them, etc.

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It's not making them smaller, you're simply using images that are different sizes. When this occurs, Paint. NET should be asking you if you wish to expand the canvas. Most likely you're responding with yes and thus the canvas enlarges to accomodate the new larger layer and keeps your original picture at it'soriginal dimensions.

My recommendation is to respond no, and then downsize the new larger image to more closely match the first. I recommend this because enlarging the other may distort it too much.

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