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Using Glow Effect Crashes Paint.Net

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I am using Paint.Net 3.5.10 for creating images for a GUI I am designing.  I use the Glow effect (Effects/FastFX/Glow) for some of my images.  It has worked fine in the past, but now, when I run it, it generates and error and forces Paint.Net to close as soon as I try to change one of the sliders.


[Window Title]

There was an unhandled error, and Paint.NET must be closed. Refer to the file 'pdncrash.log', which has been placed on your desktop, for more information.



I have sent the log file to crashlog@getpaint.net, but was hoping that someone here might have experienced this issue and have a solution.  I attached the image I tried to modify.  To reproduce the crash, load the image, go to Effects/FastFX/Glow, then try to move any one of the sliders.


Please cc any suggestions to my email (wss@brukeroptics.com), since I do not visit this forum very often.







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Not sure what the problem is with that plugin. In the mean time, you could use the built-in glow effect found under Effects > Photo > Glow.

If you're having a problem with a specific plugin (which you are) site rules say you should post in that thread so the effect's author can help you.

For fast effects, post here: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/19364-hardware-accelerated-blur-pack-v24/

Closing this.

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