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Best way to increase line thickness of black and white tif schematic?

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I have a schematic or drawing that I just need to increase the line thickness on. It is just all black lines and letters that are currently only like 1 pixel thick. When printed it is hard to see. Is there a good filter or method that any of you know of that will allow me to increase the thickness of these lines?





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You could use the magic wand tool at default tolerance and global flood mode, select white and delete.  Then you could get the outline object tool from pyrochilds addon pack (http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/4923-outline-object/), if you don't already have it, and outline object with black as strong or as weak as you would like.  Then you could create a layer behind your schematic, and paint it all white then merge the two.  Hope that helps!

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Another method (more subtle than using Median) :


1. duplicate the layer :DuplicateLayer:

2. set the upper layer blend mode to Multiply (press F4 & select the Multiply blend mode from the dropdown list)

3. Merge the top layer down :MergeLayerDown:

4. Repeat steps 1-3 once more.

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