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Offline help available?

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Hi all,


Just started with Paint.NET after umpteen years of "evaluating" Graphic Workshop, and am happy with it so far.  My old XP system died, after 9 or 10 years, and I've now got a nifty new 2-core 64 bit system with Win 7 for about half what I paid for the old one.


When downloading the installer, the page implied there was a manual which could also be downloaded for offline use.  However, when I clicked the link for that, I got directed to the FAQ and then to here.  Did I misread the page, and the forums are it for help?


Two other points while I'm here -- and my apologies if I'm guilty of hijacking my own topic.


1) I can't see any way of setting up a forum profile.  Do I have to have a certain number of posts before I can do that, as is the case with some other support forums? Avast (anti-virus), where I've been active for many years, requires 20 posts before a new member can edit his profile or send IMs, to reduce spam problems.


2) This is sort of a wish-list request for the next (or some future) version which I couldn't find brought up by searching.  A directory tree panel would be a handy addition, to simplify moving completed work from within the program


Thanks and best.


(Edit) Found the profile setup myself, thanks anyway.

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Did I misread the page, and the forums are it for help?

Yes I think you have misread the installer message. There are other resources available, like YouTube and other Paint.NET forums (this is the official forum). You might also have a look at the online documentation here: http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/

If you're interested I've written an ebook titled 'Mastering Paint.NET'. You'll find a link to it in my signature.

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