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My CATOSTROPHIC Mac/Windows Problem.....please help me!

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Hi all!

I've been thinking lately about buying myself a laptop. Obviously I'm into Paint.NET and other graphix stuff. I also do quite a bit of home recording (I play guitar :wink: ) and very amature movie making.

However, my uncle who is in the recording buisness, and many other people I've bumped into say that a Mac is perfect for everything I'm wnting to do..............but I just don't think I can make the switch from windows :cry:

Then I sudenly find out about running windows and mac together!? That would be perfect but I havn't got a clue about price or anything so................

Can anyone help me out here?....................anyone?........


I must warn you that I don't realy get what all this is about, so suggestions of other possibilities would be realy apresiated......and even if you think it's best to stick to Windows, or go for Mac on it's own then POST POST POST :lol: ! lol!

Zacariem (very confused and feeling slightly useless........ :? )[/i]

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Well, you can only run windows on a mac, not the other way around. It takes a lot of space and patience to do that (unless you want to buy Microsoft Virtual PC, which depending on the version, can run XP, 99, 2000, and hopefully Vista). I would only prefer that if you get an Intel Mac.

EDIT: I just found an OS X emulator. Wait for more...




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