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How to change the text ؟

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I'm a new Forum member
l love my paint.net program
Amateur Question!

When we are writing a text layer
Why can not
In between the layers
And again to change the text?
For example
To change the text color
Or to change a word?
Thanks for your help

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Hello PAINT12, welcome to the forum.


The reason that text cannot be edited is that it is converted to pixels once the text is committed to the layer.  This means a character or string of words ceases to be font based characters and becomes instead  groupings of pixels.


For this reason we recommend you place your text on it's own layer, which is empty of everything else (i.e. transparent).  If the text is more than a few words I usually cut & paste it from a word processor to the Text tool :TextTool:


There is one alternative, this plugin which allows text to be edited: Editable Text

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Thanks for your answer

I'm using the plug-in text, but not my problem


Honestly I do not speak English
I use the google translator
I'm so sorry.
I can not say it better!
I got a free image editing
But I like paint.net
I just have a few questions
One is that
When the text is written in the programs
And other work carried out
Why can not we go back to previous text
And we'll correct it
This means we can not even edit it
One other question!
Click on a different layer, it is convenient to chose?
Paint.net because the first layer is the right choice.
And must also be deselected
Then it moved at Home
I wish there was a way to click on a layer in the home they moved

Clicks would below
Also, I wonder why the crop is in the main menu toolbar double click to crop it?
I'm sorry
Do not you think that  the excessive number of clicks to crop in the paint.net?

(Eg program Hornil StylePix)
I like both of these features, you have paint.net
I want to know is there a way that I do not know?
I'd say it's good
I've prepared two short video of the two programs
Hornil StylePix
I get to see and compare the
Hopefully these simple questions is not strange to you
I'm not even an amateur but am interested in the program paint.net

(One other thing I like that it is possible that the Program
When I use the Clone Stamp Tool
I have a choice
I choose to be around the same as the image fades (fog) or not
Because now I can not erase around
I better understand my videos
It may be added in future versions of this facility?)

I would love the Paint.NET to get better


To download videos, please click

change the text and layers:

1-1 paint.net

1-2 Hornil StylePix.vmw


Clone Stamp Tool (Comparison of three :Paint.NET- Hornil StylePix- PhotoScape )




Thanks for your attention and help

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Text is not editable once you have committed it to the layer (finished typing).


Only one layer is active at any one time.  This is the layer that is highlighted in the Layers Window.  Clicking on another layer deselects the current layer and makes the clicked layer active.


To crop an image make a selection around the area you wish to keep then press Ctrl + Shift + X  (hold down Ctrl + Shift, press X).  This is the shortcut for the "Crop to Selection" function.

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Thanks for your answer
I know that this facility is in Paint.NET
I also know shortcuts
My question is whether there is a way to click less to do it or not?
Video programs that I like them?
If no such paths
Is not it better to be added?
Make it easier
Another question that
Whether such changes might be added in the next version?
I'm really upset
Like other programs
Can not easily edit the text
Please see video

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