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Nothing fancy, just want to use paint.net to post pics to website

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Hope you can help. Paint.net was suggested to me by my web host. The host suggests the resolution of my photos on my website should be 72 dpi and the size should be 100k or less.

I looked through the forum postings, but was not able to find anything pertinent. But what I have been doing is to bring my photo into Paint.net, then I go under "Image", then "resize". I change the "pixel size" until the pixel size goes down to 100 kb. Then I also change the resolution so that it is at 72. Is this the right way to accomplish the resolution suggested and to reduce the dpi?? Or is there something faulty in my method?

Thks in advance.

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Be aware that resolution (DPI) is ignored unless printing.

What you see on your screen at 100% is the size of your image - no scaling or DPI fiddling is done.

Use the physical image size, or the JPG quality setting to control the file size.

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