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font size different on different colors

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Please, I really need an answer not to have to start all over!!

When I put orange gabriola font, 144 size, Bold effect on a canvas--and then try to make it 3-D by adding white. The white is smaller --not the same size as the orange--yet everything else is the same!

I tried measuring them together by putting the white behind the orange (it is smaller!) by going back to a file I'd resized before making the white (in case I did) --same thing. Made new layer, duplicate layer, put the active layer below, above..nothing would make them the same size!

Not that the actual letters are so badly different is size, but the spacing appears to be wider in the orange than in the white--which means that the white doesn't fit on the orange.

Can anyone please suggest a solution. (Other than to change colors!) I need to get my manuscript published. And after all I've had to do to learn to get as far as I have, I sure don't feel like having to repeat if for one contrary white font!

Rick, this is your baby. Have you ever heard of that happening before? And if so, did you solve it??

And please don't tell me to send a screenshot because Photobucket and its ilk are public and I don't want my cover public until it's on my book.

Thank you.

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No need to make two threads for the same topic. I posted a possible solution in the other one.

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