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DrewDale's Images - Updated Dec 26. 2014


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I hardly ever comment in the gallery because I don't have one, but I really like the large version of the Sam Fisher sig comp entry, the tiled image is like Daniels said an itunes style fancy album view. The photomanip is really neat too. Some nice work here since I last visited. :)

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Drew, I remember watching this movie--I think I was 10 when I first saw it. Even at that age, I knew the guys' frustration. I really liked the movie, "Falling Down." The director really got the point across. You did a nice job with the sig, by the way. I like it. Looks like a movie poster.

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Hi Drew. Good start to your gallery. Seascape is nice. If there is one thing that could be improved its the way the islands/icebergs (not sure which) seem to sit on top of the sea. Maybe some seaspray around the bases would help. Its a rough, choppy sea so you would get this as it crashed into them.

Keep up the good work. ☺



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Is it really February since I last visited / commented my gallery, time flies. :/

Thanks Goonfella, Helen, Barbie, Sasha, Seerose and Oceana for your feedback, kind words and of course for visiting my gallery. :D

Updates on page #1. Must try not to leave it as long next time. B)

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Hi, Still rockin and a boppin? B)


You owned Clipwarp for a while when I was here last. Did some really nice images with it. Your use of Clipwarp on the London Underground is very interesting.


Your image in 3-D glasses is one of the best guy image I've seen and Frozen Face looks to be a kindhearted brute. Good job with that.


 I guess summertime is a busy time for you. Still like to see more from you. :D 




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