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How to copy between layers and new canvas

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Here's my situation. I have pdn file that has mutiple layers so when I go to the one I want to copy to another canvas entirely, I used the lasso selection tool and copy.

Well, it did but what it copied was a blank lasso with the nubs around it. I think (I was just trying any and everthing to get it to copy the image not a blank.) I think! I made a duplicate layer and then it showed up.

Is that the way to transfer one layer's image into another canvas?

Or is there a surer and easier way.


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The following pic should help.


Make sure you have the correct layer selected in the case above I wish to copy the blue rounded rectangle so I click on layer 3 in the layer window ( where the bottom orange arrow points )

Then press CTRL+A ( this selects all ) CTRL+C ( this copies ) followed by CTRL+ALT+V ( this pastes into a new project as shown where the top arrow points, you can then select each project just by clicking on them )

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I've previously explained this in detail for you here: http://forums.getpai...py/#entry378859

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minners71, thank you.

Scott, no need to get feisty! I also have your book but (too) often you say: Here's how to do it, but you never say: And this is where you'll use it, or why you'll use it.

You know the answers and I guess you expect us all to be at the level you are. If so, you're wrong! Beides which it didn't always work. I think you said something about transparency or not holding down the "A" key.

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