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Maximum Layers?

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It's only limited by how much memory you have, and how much performance hit can work with.

Each layer will reduce rendering performance because all pixels, not just the non-transparent ones, must be taken into account when doing composition. And by this you can think of the rendering engine as constantly doing "Flatten Image" so that it can render it to the screen (which can't render layers :)).

So more RAM = more layers. More CPU speed and cores = faster layers.

When working with "a lot" of layers, 64-bit is highly recommended. 32-bit systems will be prone to crashing.

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Kinda hard to explain really, the colour for the red was put in while i was doing it (Using wide red gradients behind each other, then changing to thinner ones (rendering 'Glow' on your thinner gradients could help for that effect), then using the lines drawn in slightly blurred then a drop shadow. Keep experimenting, make small changed then you'l find what works, i suggest you only use layer blends for colour to begin with, its better to get a more fine control over your colours. The middle lighting was done manually, top right by layer blends :)


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