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Can you recommend some good software?


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I'm looking for some totally free morphing software that will never expire, and that doesn't come with a lot of unwanted extras.

I know that's a lot to ask for, but I bet it's out there somewhere.

Can someone recommend a good one.

Oh yeah...did I mention it has to be totally free? :)


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I did used Smartmorph for some small gif and I found it easy to learn.

These are links for soft/Help/Support's Forum




Oops, it's now called Popims animator... Where is still a free version (I haven't tested it)

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Oh yeah, sorry about that Rick. I've never used the overflow and I forgot it existed.

Anyway, thanks again for that link MadJik. I've been using it all day.

It is free, but unfortunately, it's severely limited in the number of frames you're allowed to use. That's how they get suck you in, by offering the free program, and then limiting it's use until you upgrade. That's perfectly understandable too.

I'd still be interested if anyone knows of a program like paint.net. One that's totally free, with no strings attached.

Does anyone know of such a program?

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