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Apply multiple Effects on an image or images

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Is there an easy way to apply multiple effects on a set of images or individual images, similiar to something like a preset in LightRoom

For example, if I run the following effects I have to apply it to each image one effect at a time and repeat for each image that I want the exact same effects applied but would prefer to do it all in one go

Blur/(GPU) Gaussian Blur

Noise/Reduce Noise


I use these to clean up the moire from scans and reduce dust/dirt then apply a mild sharpen effect to bring back the now softenend image back up slightly. Being able to have presets would be a real bonus for quick clean ups, of digital camera images or camera phone images

I found it by spending a bit more time looking through the menus, under the Effect menu and the Advanced tab and creating a custom effects script ......

But now would like to see if I can have a list of presets instead of having to load them through the script engine one at a time, maybe an option under the 'Effects/Presets' menu option listing all the scripts that are currently saved

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You want this excellent plugin:

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Scriptlab allows you to chain multiple effects together, each having it's own preset parameters. To be honest, I've not used it for a while - I'm assuming it's still working.

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