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How To Make & Set Custom Icons With & Tune Up Utilities!

Recommended Posts & TuneUp Utilities 2009 are the 2 programs I use to create & modify icons. Depending on which visual setting you use in Windows Explorer like thumbnails that are 96x96 resolution by default, large icons that are 48x48, to small icons that are 16x16, the actual resolution can vary quite a bit. I use to create & save the icons in all the sizes merged into a single icon so that all the icons I make can be used in any folder view setting. I also use TuneUp Utilities 2009 to set the icons and can even save them as an icon library for multiple icon sets.

How to create & modify icons in 5 easy steps! :D

1) You'll need the "Icon & Animated Cursor File Type DLL" plug-in listed below.
- Icon & Cursor Support Thread With Download
- Icon & Cursor DLL File Type Direct Download

2) Create an image or open an existing image in "png", "gif", "bmp", or "jpg" format.

3) Convert the image to 48x48 resolution, preferably with a transparent background.

4) Save it as an "icon" (.ico) and check off all the following boxes.
Saved icons should include all these sizes merged in 1 icon image for best results with all folder views.

- 256 x 256 / png - Large Thumbnail
- 48 x 48 / 32-bit - Large Icon
- 48 x 48 / 8-bit - Large Icon
- 32 x 32 / 32-bit - Medium Icon
- 32 x 32 / 8-bit - Medium Icon
- 16 x 16 / 32-bit - Small Icon
- 16 x 16 / 8-bit - Small Icon

5) Use Tune Up Utilities or other icon swap application to set the custom icons.
- Tune Up Utilities Website





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