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I can't get the text to print on my canvas

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Hi, everyone, it's me under another name. For some reason PdN shut me out.

Luckily, I've been getting great help by email, but one problem persists!

My mentor sent me a pdn two-layered that solved enough of my problem, so that by fiddling around I could get it the way I wanted.

ONLY--now when I go to the layer I made the original changes on in Text, it refuses to let me type new ones. The little symbol shows up and the long line for text size and placement, but it will not take the text.

My mentor who is out of pocket right now--hey you know who you are!--said I should try using esc because I probably had a selection hanging around. So I did--and did--and did. Even used ctrl z a few times thrown in! No luck.

I did manage to "fool" pdn enough to copy and post one of the text pieces I need, but no more. It's on to me. :)

I don't want to post a scrnshot because I don't want this particular thing on a public site like Photobucket. With my mentor we've been able to use email and attachments.

So I ask if anyone has any idea why the text tool won't work beyond placement and flashing vertical line--Please have mercy on me, and tell me!

My gratitude.

Renee G.

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1. Make sure you have the correct layer active (click on its name) in the Layers Window and that this layer is not being occluded by layers that are higher up in the layer stack.

2. Make sure you have an opaque color selected as your Primary color.

If these fail to satisfy, create a new image the same size. Type the text into this image before copying and pasting the entire layer to your original.

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Thank you, (surely not!--Ego :) ) I did go to the correct layer. The fact of it's taking the copy and paste for one text piece showed I was in the right place.

As to what you mean by being occluded--I'm afraid you have me there, don't know exactly what you mean. I only have two layers and I unclicked all but the one I wanted to work on. Was that incorrect?

But I do know I didn't use a transparent color. Or it didn't show as transparent. I used white as both primary and secondary color.

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occlud(ed) - to close up or block off : obstruct An opaque layer occludes or obscures those below it in the layer stack.

If you have the correct layer selected and the other layer toggled to invisible AND you have no selection active (pressing the Esc key or Ctrl D) then the Text tool should give you text in the currently selected Primary color.

On reading your original post again I'm wondering if you're trying to edit the existing text? This cannot be done with the Text tool. The text has to be retyped.

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