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Origins of Monstrosity - Shelley

Full Resolution

Created (under fair use) with two screencaps from American Horror Story. The mutant overlay simply uses Pencil Sketch, Tint and Black and Alpha+. The other layer uses Ink Sketch and Simulate Color Depth.


Origins of Monstrosity - Dr. Thredson AKA Bloody Face

The source is again from American Horror Story. This time I just play with the appropriately named Grim Color Reaper and the layer properties and then a quick and dirty online app for the collage.


Origins of Monstrosity - Dr. Arden AKA Hans Gruper

Full Resolution

Building on what I learned from the first image I'm starting to get the hang of things. Glow and Oil Painting on main image, Ink Sketch and Vignette on photo insert and Pencil Sketch on the other insert.


Origins of Monstrosity - Sister Mary Devil Eunice

Full Resolution

I'm really having fun now. Mostly just Pencil and Ink Sketch but I did a lot of tweaking of Color to Alpha on the bottom right inset to isolate the blood in a second layer. Also developed a work-around for a white Vignette that a search of this site shows has been done before.

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