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How to make textured surface (fabric, embroidery) in photo look smooth

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Hi, [in my newby-ness, I posted this in the Publishing forum, and was told to post it here.]

I want to modify a photo of an embroidered patch of my club's logo to make the texture appear simply smooth, flat art, not embroidered. Unfortunately, we have lost the original artwork that was used to make the embroidered patch, but I have nice sharp photos in GIF and JPG format.

I've found info on how to add texture, but I want to do opposite -- smooth out the texture of the embroidered patch, so I can use it as a logo in print (in a newsletter, stationery, etc.) and on the web and in e-mails.

Is there a way to "de-texturize" an object in a photo?

And is it possible to de-texturize the entire patch, or would it be necessary to do each color separately?

Thank you.


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I moved the other thread here for you. So I'll go ahead and close this one ;)

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