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How to make textured surface (fabric, embroidery) in photo look smooth

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I want to modify a photo of an embroidered patch of my club's logo to make the texture appear simply smooth, not embroidered. Unfortunately, we have lost the original artwork that was used to make the embroidered patch, but we have nice sharp photos of the patch itself. The photos are in both GIF and JPEG format.

I've found info on how to add texture, but I want to do opposite -- smooth out the texture of the embroidered patch, so I can use it as a logo in print (in a newsletter, stationery, etc.) and on the web and in e-mails.

Is there a way to "de-texturize" an object in a photo?

And is it possible to de-texturize the entire patch, or would it be necessary to do each color separately?

Thank you.


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Hi there EB3551, welcome to the forum.

It may be less work to re-create the logo, based on the images you have. Removing the texture from an embroidered image is probably not going to result in a high quality image without lots of work.

How about uploading your image to an image hosting site like Imageshack or Photobucket and posting the link here?

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Thank you for a) moving my posting and 2) for the suggestion about uploading a photo of the embroidered patch. I'll upload a photo tomorrow, since I don't have accounts in any photo dropboxes at present.

I'm a rank newby with Paint.net, but spent some time tonight playing with creating the artwork from scratch. Once I got a little feel for the tools, it went very quickly to create the oval outline of our club logo in an appropriate color. I have to rummage through my other computer to find a B&W line art image (a lighthouse on a bluff) that I need to place in the oval. This will give a chance to learn something about working with layers.

I'm getting psyched, and I have a little time to play before I need add the club logo to the next issue of our newsletter.

Thanks again.


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Glad we've got you psyched! For some lighthouse images, you might consider using a font which contains pictograms, like 'Harbour Lights' here: http://www.fontspace.com/category/lighthouse

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