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"Paste from" feature?

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I was wondering... the old paint program that comes with windows OS has a feature called "paste from" in the edit drop down box. basicaly you can paste another picture on to or beside the main picture. for instance, you have a picture of a dog.. and you want to add a cat beside the pic of the dog, you go to "paste from" in the edit dropdown box and it brings up a "open file" box so you can search for the pic of the cat in whatever folder you have put it in and then once you find it click it and then click open and it opens the pic on top of the original pic... now the trick is you have to pull out the sides of the original pic before you "paste from" so you have a big blank white background or a colored background if you color it. now you can move the picture of the cat within the white background and place it beside the dog. now im sure a lot of you know about this feature in the old windows paint program. my question is.. does this new paint program have this feature or can you do something similare to this??? I know about the layers but I DO NOT want to add a pic on top of an existing pic. I want to add a picture at the bottom or beside the original pic that im working with. I cannot figure out how to do this. please help!!

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