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Does anyone use the Freeform Shape tool?

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I'm working on the new Shapes tool for 4.0, and I just have to ask ... does anyone even use the Freeform Shape tool? It's the one at the very bottom-right corner of the Tools window.

Of the folks I've asked so far, nobody has used it and nobody sees any value in it (which I agree with). Removing it from 4.0 would simplify things a bit and speed up progress, allowing me to focus time on things which are actually useful and awesome.

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I don't use it at all. Kinda wish it were a freeform polygon tool instead...

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Don't use it - more likely to use ellipse, rectangle, rounded rectangle more. And, for me, the Line/Curve tool is the most useful - as you can stretch and bend it afterwards.

Couldn't you add all the shapes together? Adding the choice of shapes with brush width, fill, etc - including maybe custom shapes, and the ability to stretch and distort it aswell like the Line/Curve tool?

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Terminate with extreme prejudice :lol:

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Nope. The brush tool is pretty much the same thing. (Draw something with brush and connect the endpoints to a point somewhere else with the line tool.) I think it would be more useful for it to be a polygon tool, but 4.0 is coming soon so maybe for a later version. :)

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Hi Rick

I use it many times when I work on images that i need to trace and they have strange/irregular shapes.

or when i need to create a mask area around something or fill an area that needs delicate touches .

its a good tool saves the need to use the "lasso selection" then fill.

it gives online view of the area you work on.

Please keep it 10Q.



From what it looks , I'm one of the few who uses it, but I can say that after you know how and when to use it,

you would think how you did things without it ;-)


Working with image manipulations, makes this tool very useful.

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@avim I do a lot of image mods and cutting out of images and have never used it,I prefer to use the line tool and alphamasking ( once you use these tools you will wonder how you managed without them ;) )

I had wished for alpha-masking before...

then I just thought of it, and checked and found that there is a plugin for this, which is good (though, it could possibly be a little better as a layer-effect though...).

much better than trying to cut out the image using the eraser tool at least.

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