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Colorization using Optimization - Need A Plugin

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I have been doing a lot of looking around for an easy way to recolour black and white photos.

Today I came across this paper from 2005 that allows you to recolour image by just painting stripes!


There is Matlab code there and I found a GIMP plugin source here https://bitbucket.org/grimboy/colorize-gimp/src, although I couldn't get the GIMP plugin to work.

I found a standalone implementation that I was able to get to work:


It would be awesome if someone could implement this for Paint.Net!

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This plugin imports a palette from another image. I'm not sure how it will work on B/W images, but it might be worth a try.

Color Match v1.0

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Thanks. I have that already and it doesn't give the same effect.

Even creating a copy of the image with just a splash of colour in one place e.g. a hat then using the color match plugin on a greyscale copy doesn't end up with the hat coloured.

You end up with the colour bleeding into most of the image as that plugin is really just looking at the whole palatte rather than individual regions.

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