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How can do double-sided printing?

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I'm not entirely sure you can as PDN is not a word processor, but an image editor. This isn't so much a statement about the obvious, but rather more about function. A word processor has page breaks. As I say, "I'm not entirely sure..." Having 2 images open at the same time on separate canvases (especially since you're dealing with 2 different file names) would be like having 2 different documents open simultaneously. The only possibility I can think of is to have both images on the same canvas. Try doing this as described in this link:


However, once this is done, I don't know that if you print it, whether or not the Windows print manager will recognize the double canvas size as a separate page or whether it will try to shrink them down so they both fit the same page.

I can only offer it as a suggestion to try, not a guarantee.


Worst case scenario, try importing/pasting your image into a word processor. You may need to adjust margins and resize to get the proper output to your printer.


If you end up using the last method (printing from a word processor), keep in mind that depending on the layout of the image, you may also need to adjust the page setup under the word processor to be 11x8.5 (landscape) vs 8.5x11 (portrait) in order to get it fit properly and print full page.

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There is a file type plug-in that will permit you to save your work as a PDF (I use this for double sided print related duties) just open each image up on separate layers in PDN and then choose "save as" imagePDF. the link is here for you http://forums.getpai...iletype-plugin/ :) The good thing with this file type is it will print to the true size. And through your PDF reader print properties you can choose to print double sided. Below is a screenshot of the UI to help you :)


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One more thing think about is the paper you are using, it must be one that would allow two sided image printing.

Images (unlike regular color text) produce/use allot more of ink that is soaked by the paper. if the wrong paper is used and the print is

not dry then you would get a mess both in the images and in the paper.

In my case it once even caused the paper to tare and jam in my HP printer.


"DDAP=Don't Drink And Post!" :-)

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