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how do I remove background from text

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For simple black or white background removals I usually reach for the AlphaSpace plugin. It essentially does the same as Welshy's suggestion (Grim Color Reaper), but is a little simpler to figure out.

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The thread Jim linked to explains how to use the Magic Wand :MagicWandTool: to erase parts of an image. Very basically:

1. Activate the Magic Wand tool

2. Hold down the Shift key and click anywhere on the white background. NOTE >> The Shift toggles the flood mode to Global - i.e. it selects every instance of the source color in the layer.

3. Press Delete.

That should erase the white background leaving the grey & white checkerboard pattern (which denotes transparency). In order to preserve the transparent areas, save the image as a PNG (not JPG).

The edges of the letters might also be a bit jagged following the background removal. To smooth these edges we generally recommend running AA's Assistant (plugin) over the layer.

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Noell, I SEE you viewing this thread >:3



well you can get AA assistant plugin and remove the background with magic wand tool. then use the AAA plugin to get any white on the edges and jagged pixels.

edit: Oh man, I didn't see EEW suggesting AAA plugin D:

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