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How to apply shine?

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Hi DennisW - welcome to the forum!

I've split this post of your out from the thread you originally posted in. This is because that thread was a bit old and your question deserved it's own thread ;)

I'm a bit unsure of the look you're trying to achieve, so this technique is a bit of a punt - I'm assuming you want to fake the appearance of lighting on the floor? If so, then try this:

1. Open your court image

2. Add a new layer :AddNewLayer:

3. Expand the Colors window (click the More button)

4. In the expanded colors window, move the Transparency slider down to zero. This makes the Primary color (default=black) transparent.

5. Select the Gradient tool in the Tools Window :GradientTool:

6. In the Tool Bar, check the option of Radial :RadialGradient:

7. Right click on your image and drag out a little white circle.

8. Repeat in two or three other locations with slightly dissimilar sized circles.

9. Press F4 and lower the layer opacity to around 180.

You should have something like this:


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A tip to help you with making it realistic:

When you are putting shine on the floor, keep in mind where the lights are located in the room. Shine doesn't just appear at random with random sizes, it is a reflection of the light source. For example, if your lights are all the same intensity and distance from the floor, the shine should all be the same size.

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