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I just can't figure out how to do this, some help?

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I'm kinda new to this version of paint,

What i'm trying to do is to fill this image/text:


with this picture so that the inside of the text has this in it:


can some1 please do this for me?

my email is (Ask me)

if you want to help me create my request, please send the image to me :) or post it here :D

Thanks you!

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First, you want the colored picture on a layer on the bottom. The text should be on a layer on top of that. Next with the top layer active (if not already highlighted, click on that layer in the layer's pane), use the magic wand on the inside of the text. Now with the inside selected press the delete key on your keyboard. Repeat this for each letter.

Additionally, after you've deleted the inside area of each letter you might find it necessary to clean it up a little bit. Use the AA Assistant once or twice.

Let us know how this worked out for you.

P.S. You may wish to modify your post to remove your e-mail address. You don't know who might be lurking and find it an opportunity to flood it with spam.

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OK, I'll see if I can't quickly put something together for you. In the meantime, I still suggest you remove your e-mail address. It would be better not only for you but for others who come here with your same question to see what the answer is, so we'll stick with replying to your question here.


1.) First open up your colored background.

For the sake of these instructions, I will show you how to resize the background so it is the same size as the image containing the text.

2.) With your background image open, go tot he menu under "Image" and select "Resize"


3.) Remove the check mark in the block next to "Maintain aspect ratio" and change the values in the Width and Height fields as shown (these are the same values for the text image you have that I downloaded). Then select OK.


4.) Next go to the menus again and under "Layers", select "Import From File..."


5.) Find you're text image and double click on it and click on "Open"


6.) Next select the magic wand


7.) With the magic wand selected, click on the inside area of one of your letters (it should turn to a light blue indicating you've selected it).


8.) With your selection made, press the "Delete" or "Del" key on your keyboard. This will delete the selected area from your image and thus show the backgound beneath it.


9.) Repeat steps 7 and 8 for each letter.


10.) When you've done each letter click on the "Merge Layer Down" button in the Layers pane and save your image.


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thats looks nice! is there any plugins required for this?

Nvm, it worked, thank you so much, is there also a way to remove the white background on the text?

I need to place the text on an image, but only the text and not the white background

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alternative method to Jim's above that reduces white dots around the edges for those who may be interested in the future:

1. Open up the file with the text and fill the outside with black (use the paint bucket tool with the tolerance set to 69%)

2. Press ctrl+a (select all) ctrl+c (copy).

3. Undo all changes made to the image and run the alpha mask plugin (Effects>Alpha Mask) with "invert mask" checked

4. Save as (ctrl+shift+s) a .png image

5. Follow Jim's steps from 1-5 and you're done

EDIT: Jim's method requires no plugins

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(added the new picture and tried this) Okay i did that, the only problem now is that when i do that, the text image places itself in the top left corner, i want it on the top middleish, if you know what I mean, i tried to canvas size it and click top, but it doesnt move, you know how to do this?

I also tried to open the new edited image/text in a new paint.net, and delete the white background as you said with the magic wand, but when i save the file after doing that, the white background gets added automatically

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The instructions I provided resized the background so it was the same size as the image with the text. If you follow the instructions from the beginning you won't have that problem. I'm currently responding from my phone so I can't show you at this time how to fix where you are at right now. So my recommendation is to start over.

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okay, i'l try, thank you again for your extremly helpful replies!

one more thing, im not going to change the picture in the text, only add the text to an image with the current that you showed in ur earlier post, my only problem is that when I add the picture to the background, like I said, it automatically goes up in the left top corner, and i dont know how to move it to the top center

I need the background that im adding the text to, to be the size that it currently is at.

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