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Happy Birthday to my evil twin...


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wait...evil twin...birthday...wha<mind blown>

and a happy b-day to you too, Boltbait!

No, Paint.NET is not spyware...but, installing it is an IQ test. ~BoltBait

Blend modes are like the filling in your sandwich. It's the filling that can change your experience of the sandwich. ~Ego Eram Reputo

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Yeah, what are the odds... two out of eight mods born on the same day... on opposite sides of the world.

We're practically siamese! Of course BoltBait was born first, and got the good looks, height, sense of humor, talent, wealth and of course success. While I got.....to be his friend :)

A special happy birthday greeting BoltBait :beer:

To all our friends out there in Paint.NET world - a heart-felt thanks for your kind wishes on our birthday.

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