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Transparent Grid or Transparent Hexes

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Hello, I tried searching the forums for "Transparent Grid" and "Transparent Hex", but I could not find anything.

I would like to create an image which is a Transparent Grid or Hex which I could lay over other images, like maps for roleplaying games.

I tried to use the eraser tool to remove all the white space from the image "TransparentHexes.png" (see attached). It was long and labor intensive, but when I tried to copy the image and lay it over another image, it removed the transparent parts and made them white space again, completely covering the underlaying image.

I figured there must be an easier way. Perhaps there is a way to use the "Paint Bucket" to replace white with transparent? And how do I lay a mostly transparent grid over another image?

Any tips or hints?

Thank you,

Rau Mac


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Hi Raumac, welcome to the forum!

If you're up to speed installing and using plugins, try the Hexagonal Grid plugin. Run it over a new ( = transparent) layer.

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Also, if you have an image of a hex grid you really like (better than the plugin), you could try pasting it to a new layer and setting the layer blend mode to darken

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Thanks, Midora, Ego Eram Reputo and pdnnoob!

Those methods all work great. I think I am going to try to tweak the "layer blend darken" mode technique a bit. I need to start with a darker version of the hex grid I like. But overall, everything worked like a charm!

Thank you, thank you!

Rau Mac

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To darken the grid layer:

1. Activate the grid layer (i.e. click on it in the Layers Window) then duplicate the layer :DuplicateLayer:

2. Activate the upper layer (if not already highlighted) & press F4.

3. In the drop down list, change the blend mode to Multiply. Use the Opacity slider in the dialog to fine-tune the darkening. Press OK when done.

4. Merge the upper layer into the original :MergeLayerDown:

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