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Error 1603 Problem

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I read the thread the moderator had started and followed all the solutions and none of them had worked, see here what I did is I accidentally extracted my files to the desktop. Then I wasn't thinking and deleted every file of Paint.net on it instead of using the Uninstall Utility, I want to use Paint.Net but Paint.Net is still installed on my computer and I keep getting Error 1603 "Fatal Error During Installation" at install. And everytime I got Uninstall a program on Windows 7 it's doing it and then suddenly I get this error http://i1199.photobu...zps09699f06.png Having a lot of frustration now and I am wondering if someone can help me.

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Deleting files has left some of the Paint.NET installation behind. As you have found, simply deleting files is a poor way of removing an application. That's why the uninstaller is supplied.

From here you need to completely remove all traces of the previous installation before reinstalling. Return to the thread here http://forums.getpai...uble-read-this/ and reread post #2. Once you have removed all traces of the previous installation download and install a fresh copy of Paint.NET.

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Pleased we could help you cravincolors. Welcome to the forum!

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