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Queeing file open

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Hi All,

I´m new here and as everyone else i am very impressed with the Paint.net application.

I have one suggestion for a new feature that I have not seen in another Paint/Photo editor, and that is to have the possibility to que the opening of files to edit.

My problem is that when working raw files from my digital camera i first open them in a RAW converter and apply some basic adjustments like exposure compensation, white balance tuning etc. These settings can be applied to a lot of files and when that is done I do batch processing of the raw files. Normally I batch process around 20 files at a time.

When doing the batch processing I can select for each file to open automatically in an external Photo editor (used Canvas 9 so far) so that I there can do cropping etc. and saving in the file format I like.

The problem is that my photo editor gets cluttered and very slow to use with a huge number of files opened and the files are lost if I dont have the time to edit them right away.

What I would like to see is that Paint.net opens the first file automatically but temporarily stores the subseguent files to the harddisk and adds them to a que list.

If there is a (populated) que list available when saving a filethe save file dialog could have an extra option of "save, close and pick file from que list to edit".

Ideally, it would be great to see thumbnails of pictures when picking files from the que list.

Best regards and keep up the good work


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